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The Lot and the Land

We are using both of our properties to learn more and test ideas that we have and have about designing a landscape and sustaniable garden. Our methology comes from permaculture.

What is Permaculture?
"Permaculture is a design based science that uses pattern recognition and observation of solve problems."

Beginning Our land
We started with 0.123 acres approximately 5 minutes from the University of Louisville. Slowly we worked to convert it into an Urban Permiculture garden, enabling us to offset some of our food bills.

Late in 2014 we purchased 20.5 acres in Northern Kentucky. Our plans are to renovate the property making way for a future home and leaving as much of the 17 acres of woods untouched as we can while improving the landscape.


Spring 2014



Water Control

Backyard project



Thinking about having livestock in your back yard? Check out: backyardchickens.com, Jefferson County and Louisville animal ordinances. We will not have chickens on our current property because of space limitations, particularly with our dogs. Our neighbors have chickens and trade eggs for produce during the summer. On our new farm we plan to run chickens and other live stock once we have the tame and resources to handel them.