Building a Homestead

Kitchen Corner


The New Farm

We finally did it we bought our selves a farm! After looking slowly for a few years we found the property that we wanted, its 20+ acres (Zone 6a) and a certified tree farm. Approximately 3 acres are cleared and the remaining portion is in various stages of being wooded.

In exploring we have found two seasonal streams and an assortment of naturally growing edibles such as: Mint, Paw Paw, Black Berry, Wild Rose, Nettle, and Sugar Maple. Plants we found naturally growing.

We will be documenting our improvements and additions to the existing system over the years as we develop a permaculture system.

Due to the property growing naturally for many years we have the fortune of having pesticide and herbicide free soil. The down side to the management practice by the previous owners is that some of the trees have been choked out by Wild Grape and Virginia Creeper. So as we explore the property we stop and help out some of the trees by cutting back the vines and occasionally dead branches.


Forest gardening


We stacked the trimmed branches on the slopes of the hills to create a brake that will slow the flow of water and hold back soil that is washing away.