Keto Breakfast Cups

KETO BREAKFAST When you decide to follow a ketogenic diet, getting enough calories, particularly from fat and protein, can be challenging. When Sean and I began tracking our diets on myfitnesspal, it became apparent that our breakfasts needed to pack a punch. I found this recipe, and began playing around […]

Plan Your Meals!

Conscious meal planning can be one of the most successful ways to improve your diet and reduce monthly spending. For over a year now, we have been starting off every month with a single large, carefully planned grocery shopping trip. On this trip, we get all our protein, grains, shelf […]

Juglone, Walnuts, and Pecans Oh My! 3

Do you have Walnuts or Pecans and most of what is planted under and next to them end up dying? The reason is the trees are allelopathic since they produce Juglone. Juglone is an organic compound that stunts the growth of many plants by inhibiting enzymes that are needed for […]

Getting Trees for Cheap

Need trees but don’t want to spend a fortune? Here are resources for affordable trees.   Arbor Day Foundation You will get 10 free trees when you join the Arbor Day Foundation. Members get about a 36% discount on trees. We joined and a few friends joined giving us what […]

Making A Wort Chiller

Why spend $50-90 on purchasing a wort chiller when you can build one for about $25. Benefits to using the chiller is that you reduce the chilling time from hours to minutes. Materials needed: Copper tubing 3/8 Outside Diameter (OD) Vinyl tubing 3/8 Inside Diameter (ID) Tube clamp Compression fitting […]

Using Spent Brewing Grains

After brewing beer you have over 10lbs of grain plus the absorbed water, now what to do with it. A majority of the sugars and some proteins have been pulled out of the grain during the mashing process, so it will have a higher fiber to sugar ratio. Uses: Compost […]