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In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of the home we added insulation and worked on sealing the house.


Exterior walls:

The exterior walls use only an air gap for insulation have little to no insulation.

We could dramatically increase the R-value by removing the walls and adding insulation. To do it that we would need to remove the drywall or remove the siding and wood sheeting on the outside then add insulation and reinstall the walls. Foam insulation could be added by drilling holes in the wall and spraying it in then patching and repainting. Since we are doing the work ourselves we have decided to go with less dramatic changes that will make a difference.


Reduce air flow in and out:
This was achieved using various methods. For our house the top three improvements in this field were:


R-value is a measure of thermal resistance meaning that the higher the R-value the better the insulation.

Examples of R-values per inch:

Air 1/2" to 4"R-1
Cellulose R-3 - R-3.8
Fiberglass battsR-3.1 - R-4.3
CardboardR-3 - R-4
Drywall 1/2"R-0.45

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