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Have you ever thought I should make my own beer? I never did, but after my first batch I do not know why I did not start sooner. Nothing is better than sipping your favorite beer and thinking for the price of two six packs I have 50 beers. I experienced this when drinking a Cloned Dead Guy.

When brewing and all grain beer you will need to do something with leftover spent grain I have several sugestions. Uses for Spent Grain.

I started with a Brewers Best Beer Kit purchased locally at My Old Kentucky Homebrew but will list what is needed.


Sean's Recipe List


Chick here for cheap and DIY brewing equipment.

Brew pot holding 4+ gal larger is recommended
Siphon hose
Caps and bottles 32 and 12oz
6.5 gallon Primary Fermenter with lid
Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser
Bottle filler
Siphon Bottle Brush Bottling Bucket
Grain bag


What I will do different on batch two:

When making my second batch I did a few things different, first I added an extra container to hold cleansing solution.

Use a wort chiller (Home built)

Transfer to a secondary fermenter - To help clarify the beer.


As I make more beer I will be posting the progress and letting you know what I have learned to save you time and from making the same mistakes.