Plan Your Meals!

Conscious meal planning can be one of the most successful ways to improve your diet and reduce monthly spending. For over a year now, we have been starting off every month with a single large, carefully planned grocery shopping trip. On this trip, we get all our protein, grains, shelf […]

Freezing Food

Preserve vegetables, fruits, and meats by freezing them for long term storage. The down side of freezing foods is that we need room to store them and keep them cold. Freezing Vegetables The fresher the vegetables the better they will save and the better they will taste when they are […]

Building a Homestead

Building a Homestead Using two properties to express our vision as artisans of seed and soil. One property is urban and the other is a wooded lot. This allows for the testing of ideas that we have for designing a sustainable landscape and garden in both a controlled and wild […]