Brewing Beer

Have you ever thought I should make my own beer? I never did, but after my first batch I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. Nothing is better than sipping your favorite beer and thinking for the price of two six packs I could have 50 beers. I experienced […]

Cheap and DIY Brewing Equipment

Every home brewer should have When I started brewing I did not have a decent brew kettle but used an old canning pot. Since then I have upgraded to a proper 8gal pot and have been adding to my equipment below are some of my favorite items that I have […]

Making A Wort Chiller

Why spend $50-90 on purchasing a wort chiller when you can build one for about $25. Benefits to using the chiller is that you reduce the chilling time from hours to minutes. Materials needed: Copper tubing 3/8 Outside Diameter (OD) Vinyl tubing 3/8 Inside Diameter (ID) Tube clamp Compression fitting […]