Forest Gardening

Most people know of food forests where fruiting trees are planted as the succession species with edible veggies and herbs growing on the edges. That farming practice is usually performed in less densely planted areas were earth works can be performed.

Forest gardening is similar to a food forest but it is designed around the existing forest.

What is Forest Gardening?

Forest gardening is a form of Agroforestry


Black Walnut Grove – About 2 acres previously cleared and planted with Black Walnuts half 7 yrs ago half 17 years ago.

Young forest – Dappled light with some grass, brambles and honey suckle.

House site – This is our zone one situated at the border of the young and mature forest.

Mature forest – Slopping valley with stream, older trees and mostly shaded.

Clearings – Open spaces that could be grazed.