Our Farm – Crazy Acres

We finally did it! We bought ourselves a farm! After looking slowly for a few years we found the property that we wanted, 20+ acres (Zone 6a) and a certified tree farm. Approximately 3 acres are cleared and the remaining portion is in various stages of wooded succession.

In exploring we have found two seasonal streams and an assortment of naturally growing edibles such as: Mint, Pawpaw, Blackberry, Wild Rose, Nettle, and Sugar Maple. Plants we found naturally growing.

We will be documenting our improvements and additions to the existing system over the years as we develop our permaculture system.

Due to the property growing naturally for many years we have the fortune of having pesticide and herbicide free soil. The downside to the way it was managed previously is that it now very covered by wild grape, Virginia Creeper, and poison ivy vines. This area needs extensive work to improve the value for timber.  So as we explore the property, we continually cut back these vines, hoping the canopy will improve. We stack any trimmed or fallen branches on the slopes of the hills to create a brake that will slow the flow of water and hold back any soil that is washing away.

Forest gardening

Native tree fruits