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Mock Rogue Dead Guy

Original recipe provided by My Old Kentucky Homebrew
Tweaked by Sean


1.25 Lb Caramunich

-Steep for 30min at 150f

Malt Extract:

1 Lb Light DME
3.3 Lb Light LME
3.3 Lb Munich LME

-Boil for 60min


1.5 oz Perle(60 min)
1 oz Saaz(0 min)


WLP001 - California or Wyeast1056 American

OG: 1.060-1.065
FG: 1.012-1.015

All Grain:

Sub 8.75 Lbs 2-row and 4 LBs Mucich for the extract.
Keep the Caramunich mash at 152 for 60 min.


Notes On Second Brew:

Here are the changes that I made the second time I brewed this beer.

1 oz Perle(60 min)
.5 oz Perle(30 min)
.5 oz Perle(5 min)
1 oz Saaz(0 min) (checking notes if I added this)

Irish Moss(15 min)

1.25 Lb Caramunich
1 pound Munich
.5 pound crystal 40L orCarastan

Malt Extract:

3.3 Lb Light LME
3.3 Lb Munich LME

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